Wedge Pillow for Sleeping | Support for Side Sleeping | Stay on Your Side While Sleeping | Maternity Pillow or for Anyone | Set of 2 Wedge Pillows to Support Belly and Back | Fits All Sizes

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Introducing Pregnancy Wedges for side sleepers!

This pair of wedge shaped pillows have been uniquely designed to support targeted areas - your growing belly and your back. These wedges were created by an experienced Chiropractor to allow pregnant patients to sleep comfortably and safely on their side.

Most doctors caution against sleeping on your back during the last trimester. These wedges are designed to keep you in place throughout the night and keep you from rolling onto your back. Place one wedge under your belly for comfort and support, then place the second one snug against your back and you can be assured that you won’t roll onto your back during the night.

These versatile wedges are large enough to support you but won’t take up too much room on your bed! Since they don’t surround you like other pregnancy pillows, they will not add heat to your already elevated body temperature! Also, the wedges are not connected so there is no worry whether it will fit around your growing belly - perfect for women of all sizes!

The Wedges are perfect for traveling or carrying around the house!

The Pregnancy Wedges come in removable 100% cotton custom fit pillow cases that are machine washable. The Wedges can also fit into the bottom of a standard pillowcase.

Start sleeping better during pregnancy now! Buy yours today!

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