wavve Memory Foam Toddler Kids Baby Pillow with Pillowcase Cover Cool Gel Pad

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Best pillow for toddler !
*Kids sweat more than adults. This gel pillow can disperses children's body heat and have you a longer cooler and more comfortable sleep.
Best pillow brings your kids comfort, allowing your kid to have fantastic sleep.
*The contour pillow is ergonomically 2-in-1 wave designed to give you a choice between a higher contour and a lower contour for support. Both sides will allow the head and neck to be fully supported throughout the sleep.
*The contoured design adapts to the weight of head and neck conforms to the curves aligning them with the top of the spine for a restful and uninterrupted sleep.
*This pillow is made of premium and soft memory foam, to keep the head and neck well support during sleep.
*With perfect height and medium firm feel, our pillow is designed to provide maximum comfort and support for kids of all sleep positions.

Safe & Healthy
This baby pillow does not contain any toxic ingredients like formaldehyde, methane chloride, or PBDE and provides a protective barrier against allergens such as mold, dust mites, and other bacteria.

Care Instructions
In case you experience an odor which is a ""Fresh Foam"" odor, it is not harmful. The odor should dissipate within 20 minutes from when the foam is unpacked and aired out.
Store in a Cool and Dry Area Direct away from Sunlight.
The Inner Core is Spot Clean Only with Damp Cloth.

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