Valea Home White Burlap Look Soft Natural Rod Pocket Window Curtain Panels for Living Room, 52 x 108 inches, 1 Panel

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Product Description

Valea Home White Burlap Look Curtains work with any home decor. Burlap look curtain is a stylish way to maintain privacy while infusing any room with natural light.

Natural Burlap Look

burlap look curtain

Natural Rustic Style

Modern design combined with the benefits of reducing outdoor light. Enjoy your favorite show with no glare on your screen.

Worked out perfectly for kitchen window, living room, country bathroom, sun porch, basement windows, camp trailer, office. Did a farmhouse look in your home.

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Size 26" x 24" 26" x 36" 26" x 45" 36" x 36" 37" x 84", 37" x 96", 37" x 108" 56" x 14"
Color Option Tan, White Tan, White Tan, White Tan Tan, White Tan, White
Rod Pocket
Quantity 2 Panel 2 Panel 2 Panel 1 Panel 1 Panel 1 Panel

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