Travel Pillow Latex with Organic Zippered Cover + Pillow Sheet Case (12x16), No Memory Foam Toxic Chemicals - for Airplane/Airport, Car, Bus, Train, Camping, Outdoor, Business Travels, Head Support

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Product Description

Organic Textiles is a Southern California based company dedicated to providing natural, organic, environmentally sustainable alternatives to the bedding and textile products on the market. Our products include natural pillows, organic bed sheets, comforters, duvet covers, mattress pads, crib pads, baby bedding, natural latex pads, bath robes and towels. We are pioneers in developing organic and natural healthy products in order to eliminate harmful and toxic chemicals in bedding. For example, we replace vinyl, polyurethanes, BPA with natural alternatives such as natural latex, organic cotton, and totally avoid chemicals such as formaldehyde in manufacturing.

We emphasize on sustainable living and environmentally sustainable products and processes. Our products also meet the requirements of fair trade, pay fair wages and promote ethical green communities. We have several first-in organic products including organic waterproof liners, organic comforters, organic mattresses etc. Our vision is to convert all bedding products to natural and organics. Your bed is where you spend a third of your life, and it is paramount to us that you sleep well, live healthy and promote healthy communities.

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