Teddy Mats Stylish Foam Play Mat for Baby - Non Toxic Floor Mat Tiles - Large Foam Play Mat for Baby - 5.125' x 5.125'

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Finally a Modern Play Mat for the Stylish Mom

The Teddy Mats Play Mat goes well with a modern, mild decor and it helps prevent your room from being overtaken by baby stuff.

It defines the play space while helping you maintain your family room as an adult-friendly space.

You can feel comfortable leaving it out all the time, even when you have guests or a dinner party, as it will easily blend in with the surroundings.

Thick and Cushy

The mat is made out of high quality, durable materials that will hold up nicely, far beyond the initial crawling phase.

It has just the right amount of thickness to make a soft landing pad for any falls and to cushion your little one from any injuries. It is firm enough to stand on and the grippy surface helps your baby crawl and walk by avoiding any slip-ups.

It creates a comfy surface which is great for tummy time and safe play.

Made of Safe Materials

Our mats are BPA free, lead free, and phthalates free.

They don't contain any PVC and are made of non-toxic EVA foam.

Easy to Clean

Keeping a clean play area for their baby is every mom's concern.

The mat is easy to clean, either with a wet wipe or by vacuuming.

You can even place it on top of a rug so you don't have to worry about staining it.

Carrying Case Included

The baby mat is easy to break down and it comes with a carrying case that allows you to transport it wherever you need.

There are also some extra edges included so you can make your own designs and have them match accordingly.

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