SMART WALLABY LED Wall Lamp Nightlights for Children and Decal Set – Nighty Night Light for Kids Room Decor with with Plug in Cord and Wall Stickers – Nursery Decoration, Cloud Theme

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Color: Cloud

Make Both Night and Day Bright

Light up your child’s life with this wall night light from Smart Wallaby! Combining our love of quality design with our dedication to you and your child, your night light is both a sweet decoration and a softly assuring light.

Decorate with Decals

Complete the scene with your bedroom wall decals! Each night light for kids room includes easy-to-peel kids room wall décor decals that create a collage of colors and objects.

  • Cloud decals include birds, a biplane, clouds and a hot air balloon
  • Spaceship decals include planets, stars, and the phrase “To The Moon”
  • Hot Air Balloon decals include clouds, birds, another smaller balloon, and the phrase “Let’s Fly Away”

    A Theme for Every Child

    Pick and choose the theme of your dreams with Smart Wallaby! Float among the clouds, explore in a hot air balloon, or dance with the stars, all under the comfort of your covers. Your Cloud, Hot Air Balloon, or Spaceship wall lamp will light the way as you settle into sleep.

    Light up Their Faces with This Gift

    Make a child’s dreams come true by giving them a wall lamp for boys and girls! Your kids night light is sure to brighten any occasion, including birthday parties, baby showers, or Christmas morning. Give the gift that delights, year after year, with Smart Wallaby!

    Up, Up, and Illuminating in No Time

    Amaze your children with how quickly you can transform their rooms with your wall lamp and decals! Mount your light over an outlet, plug it in, flip the on/off switch, and marvel at its whimsical light. When mounted, your night light sits about 2 in. from the wall, so there’s no need to worry about overheating. Surround your baby and children’s light with delightful decals and enjoy it’s charm!

    Light your children’s dreams with Smart Wallaby. Add a Nighty Night Wall Lamp & Decal Set to your cart today!

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