Nursery Wall Decals~Moon Clouds Stars Wall Decals Sweet Dreams My Little Owl Quotes Vinyl Wall Sticker Good Night Nursery Wall Decor for Kids Baby Room Decoration (Pink)

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Color: Pink

Easy to apply on flat hard surfaces such as walls, windows, doors, mirrors.
High-quality die-cut vinyl, durability, waterproof, general can keep 3-5years!
The transfer film is only a tool, you can use it or not, it depends on you.The decal will come separated because of large size, before use, please make good planning of layout design, the picture shown on the page is just a reference.
1.Take out the wall decal and transfer film. .
2.Lay out the wall decal and fix it on the smooth surface. .
3.Clean and dry the place that the wall decal stick to. .
4.Slip off the transfer film and cover it on the wall decal. .
5.Cut the wall decal stickers into pieces according to the shape. .
6.Stick them to the smooth place according to the image that we provided or design it by your own way. .
7.Peel off the transfer film from the vinyl wall decal. .
8.Done.And enjot the art work of yourself.

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