MOKEYDOU Baby Head Shaping Pillow, Memory Foam Infant Sleeping Pillow, Newborn Round Pillow Prevent Flat Head Syndrome for 0-3T Baby Girl & Boy with Washable Cotton Pillow Cover (Giraffe)

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baby pillow

Mokeydou Baby Head Shaping Pillow

Mokeydou baby pillow can prevent head disease (called flat head syndrome) and improve the head shape, bring some support to the neck and let the cervical spine grow naturally.For baby products, we insist on the principle of safety and comfort. We use class A cotton fabrics and high-quality chemical-free memory foam to ensure the quality.

baby pillow

Why Choose Mokeydou Anti-Flat Head Shaping Pillow

Babies often suffer from flat head syndrome due to incorrect sleeping positions or inappropriate pillows.Whether the head is flat or pointed, the baby's head shape is not very beautiful, and the baby cannot use the shaped pillow to improve the shape of the head when he grows up , so it is necessary to use the head shape pillow at first.

Mokeydou baby head shaping pillow can evenly distribute the pressure on the head, make the three sides of the head evenly stressed, and easily shape the baby's head shape. We can use the natural circulation structure of the material to help the baby effectively remove the heat from the head and neck, reduce the amount of sweat, and prevent the baby from developing hot rash and eczema.

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