Lukeville Luxury Linen Travel/Toddler Pillowcase Set of 2 Dimention 14.5inch X 20 Inch-Fits Pillows of Size 12 X 16, 13 X 18 or 14 X19,Soft Breathable 100% Cotton 500 Thread Count White Stripe

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Size: Travel Pillowcase  |  Color: White Stripe

Design to fit perfectly your Mattress for RV Camping Short Pocket Mattresses.

Introducing the Lukeville Luxury Linen Perfectly fit RV Short Queen Bed Sheet Set.

We created this RV Short Sheets for RV Camper or Motor homes, so you can always have a perfectly fit snug fitted sheet on your mattress.

★ Luxury Quality
This bedding set is not only functional and durable, but also stylish.
Highest quality construction and style will automatically change the appearance of your room instantly
to a more inviting beautiful room.


★ Supreme Quality
We understand that a comfortable bed is incredibly essential for a peaceful night’s sleep.
So, we have used our decades of expert bedding knowledge to create this perfect Bedding Set that is cool, silky-soft,
and breathable to ensure our customers the coziest of slumber.

★ Hypoallergenic, good for allergy suffer
Easier cleaning means dusts and dirt don’t find themselves comfortable on the bedding = Better for allergy suffers.


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