LIVEBOX Faux Rabbit Fur Area Rug, Luxury Kids Play Mat 3' x 5' Modern Fluffy Throw Shag Rugs Plush Childrens Carpet for Bedroom Living Room Nursery Decor Best Shower Gift (Pink)

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  • Material: super soft faux rabbit
  • Size: 18x18 inch; 2×4 Oval; 2×3 ft; 3 ×5 ft; 4 ×6 ft; 3 ft Round; 4 ft Round
  • Color: Grey; Khaki; White; Blue; Pink; Purple; Red
  • Pile Height: 0.8 inch
  • Plus it has shock-absorbing features, which is perfect for baby crawling, playing indoor or outdoor activities.





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Tiger Personalized Rug Wings Silhouette Rug Polka Dots Bath Rug Mermaid Area Rugs Palmistry Plush Rug
Size: 31 x 43 inch 3.6’ x 5’ ft 28inch Round 2' x 3'/3' x 5'/4' x 6'/3' x 3'/4' x 4' 3' x 5'
LIVEBOX KIDS RUGS The tiger-printed shape fits perfectly in front of your shower or tub, while the soft material feels comfy underfoot as you brush your teeth or step out of the shower. It is big enough for kids to play games, and easy to fold and store. Perfect kids area rugs for baby to crawl, roll, sit up, and learn to walk. This polka dot bath rug features a tufted pattern that provides children fluffy, underfoot comfort which fills your kids do daily routine with a brilliant pop of color. This pretty rug comes adorned with a pretty fish-scale pattern in contrasting on any background, giving an instant update to your space. It is an eye-catching tool for home decoration. Personalized palmistry area rug can show off you unique character. Combining high density and performance is perfect prevents tripping over this cozy rugs.

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