L & O Goods Woodland Animals Nursery Décor | Baby Boy & Girl Wall Art Watercolor Prints | Set of 6 Posters for Bedroom Decoration | Cute Kids Posters | 8 x 10’s

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Decorate your young boy’s or girl’s nursery room or bedroom with these bright and colorful woodland animal prints from L & O Goods!

These kids posters will brighten any room and fill your children with a sense of wonder and inspiration. That’s why we created L & O Goods Woodland Animals Prints that feature six beautiful & original watercolor designs for bedroom wall décor for kids of all ages.

This 6-pack of posters come with everything you’ll need to decorate your boy’s or girl’s room with these cute, original designs. Animals include: bunny, deer, fox, hedgehog, raccoon, and squirrel prints.

Product Details:

  • Woodland Animals Posters For Nursery Room (Set of 6)
  • Easy to Hang, Frame, & Reuse
  • Glossy Durable Finish
  • All Ages
  • Poster Dimensions: 8” x 10” (Each)
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Decorate your nursery room or bedroom with these fun, colorful, and engaging woodland animal prints that will surely be the perfect décor for any room and bring a smile to any young boy’s or girl’s face by clicking ‘Add to Cart’ above now.

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