Kyapoo Toddler Pillow 13x18 with Pillowcase,100% Soft Cotton Pillow Cover, Comfortable Sleep for Toddlers, Children and Travel(Soft White)

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Best infant pillow
Our pillow can be cleaned every week, not easy to damage. General pillow 1 inch 7 needles, but we overcome the technical difficulty to use 1 inch 16 needles, such pillow more durable. High quality microfiber makes the pillow light and breathable, and superior binding design helps prevent easy deformation of the pillow. The envelop design is easy to remove and wash. You can wash this pillow with more confidence to keep your child away from stains. We think it is more important than anything else
We use the best fiber filling issued by the medical laboratory to provide the best support for the children's spine and support their small neck and head, which is strongly recommended by the chiropractor. Tests can help sleepy toddlers, boys and girls fall asleep better in bed, during naps, day care or by car or plane. Children's pillows give them a sense of security and familiarity! Children's pillows also provide more comfortable sleep than plush animals
Thank you for purchasing our pillow.We will do our best to improve our product according to your feedback.The pillow is for children aged 2-8,therefore too much padding will be bad for their growth.Children is less heavier than adults and with too much padding,a child's spine will be bent while sleeping causing negtive impact on growth.Our pillow is designed to offer adequate support for a child's spine instead .

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