Jute Ribbons Set - 36-Piece Natural Jute Rope Twine Thin Burlap Ribbon - Decorative Jute Twisted String Leaf Twine DIY Crafts, Decoration, Embellishments - Brown, 6 Assorted Designs, 1 Yard Long

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Jute has been an integral part of traditional East Indian fiber making for thousands of years thanks to its reputation as a durable, versatile, and environmentally-friendly fiber for use in a wide range of applications, from making bags and sacks, shoes, to bracelets and more! It's time to get your hands on this incredible material for use with whatever DIY craft project you may be working on and see what thousands of years of tradition and history can do! Each twine ribbon comes in a light, natural brown color, meaning the twine can be a subtle complement to any potential decorations, like embellishing cards, paper crafts, gift baskets or special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, baby showers, christening parties and more! Dimensions: Each Jute Ribbon is 38 Inches in length and 0.2 Inches in width

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