INSPIRED IVORY Decorative Throw Pillow Covers - 18 X 18", White, Textured - Sham Pillow Cases for Boho, Shabby Chic, Farmhouse Home Decor - Pearl Set

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Enjoy comfort and unrivaled quality with the Inspired Ivory toss pillow cover set. Each pillowcase is distinct in color and style, but both promise an ultra-thick and excessively cozy texture that makes them great for head and back support while reading on the couch, watching tv, or sleeping in bed.

Each sham throw boasts a cream color with quilted, shag accents. Use them together or separately to add to the interior decorating of any living room, kitchen, bedroom, porch, or patio. They also make great accessories for a spa, lounge, hotel, or doctor's office.

When dirty, easily remove and wash. Incredibly versatile and able to blend into any home decor like Modern, Farmhouse, Provincial, Moroccan, Boho, or Spanish,these decorations are the perfect way to welcome home loved ones, friends, and guests!

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