Inflatable Tummy Time Water Play Mat for Baby & Infant with Wider Hole for Easier Filling, Pump Included, CPC Certified for Child Safety. Colorful, Playful Sea Images

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TUMMY TIME WATER PLAY MAT is colorful with fun sea creatures printed on the surface. It features a larger, wider water hole for much easier filling. We also include a pump for easy inflation. You will be able to use this over and over for fun together time with your infant or baby.

Give your boy or girl a big boost in healthy development as they push up, sit, roll over, kick their feet, while developing emotions, coordination, and motor control. Great for newborn to 6 months. CPC certified for finest child safety. This mat is the perfect size 26" x 19".

  • Inflatable Tummy Time Water Play Mat
  • For babies and infants
  • Wider water hole for much easier filling
  • Includes pump for fast, effortless inflation
  • CPC Certified for excellent child safety
  • Bright colors babies love
  • Playful sea creatures and images printed on the mat
  • Made of safe materials with no harsh or hazardous ingredients
  • Arrives in attractive gift box
  • Size 26" x 19", 66 x 50cm
  • Encourages motor control, coordination, emotions, healthy
  • development

100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE ensures this will be your best bet for a pleasing no-risk purchase. Many people buy 2 to share one with a friend. This makes a much appreciate baby shower gift.

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