FreedomDesign Newborn Baby Pillow, with Breathable 3-Dimentional Air Mesh and Washable Natural Cotton, Adjustable Height which Prevent Flat Head Syndrome; a Perfect Baby Shower Gift. (Star-Blue)

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Color: BlueStar

product name: Newborn Baby Head-shape Pillow.
Size: 11*7*1.6 inches.
Weight: 0.3lb.
Applicable season: All seasons.

♥ It will help prevent your baby from Flat Head syndrome.
♥ Washable
♥ Velvety soft touch on one side and breathable 3D Air Mesh on the back
♥ It is more eco-friendly than the ordinary fiber.

Soft and Safe Material
Natural without printing and dyeing, free of lead, cadmium, mercury and all phthalates.
This pillow is fit to baby from 3-12 months, suitable for both boys and girls.

How to Nursing
1, In order to minimize the product deformation, do not dip it in water for a long time. Please wash it by hand in a cold water lightly.
2, In the event of hand-wash being impossible, please Machine wash it in independent all course placing into the washing net to prevent damage to the fabric. The fabric may be exposed to damage and color transfer, so do not wash it together with dark-colored clothes or other products.
3, Do not dip in water for a long time nor use the whitener. Whitener may cause dye removal, so do not us it.
4, Don’t leave it close to heating device and avoid the ironing at high temperature.
5, Organic fabric may cause a fine shrinkage during washing. Please wash it according to the specified washing method.

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