Flat Head Pillow - Head Shaping Memory Foam & 2 Extra Cool-max White Pillowcases. Protect Babies' Head Round of Plagiocephaly or Flathead Syndrome. Amazing Shower Gifts for Infants and Newborn

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Anti-Flat Head Baby Pillow - Peace of Mind by Great Showers Gift for Newborn and Infant

Do you know baby still take acknowledge while they are sleeping?

 A good sleep is a begin of good growth so that you need this pillow for your baby because:

  • Ventilated memory foam make your baby relax and comfort
  • 2 pillow covers to keep hygienic + 1 inner case for easily dress off
  • Perfect and innovated design to lift curve of cervical vertebra
  • Positioning and shaping baby head to avoid flathead syndrome
  • Safety and breathable pillow for baby using any where
  • Durable and luxurious material of pillow cases is machine washable

As parents ourselves, we always do our best to produce the best quality products those support all the baby through their fragile newborn and infant stages. We believe if you are mother, you must have this pillow for your baby because the deserve it. Our customers are satisfied at all and so do you.  

No pillow can guarantee for 100% anti-flathead syndrome but this head shaping pillow can help to prevent and protect usefully. GET IT NOW TODAY. CLICK THE “ ADD TO CART “ TO BUY YOUR BABY PILLOW AND LET YOUR NEWBORN DESERVE HIS/HER LIFE BEFORE WE RUN OUT OF STOCK.

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