Faux Fur Rug & 2 Faux Fur Pillow Cases for Bedroom, Living Room, Daughters Room (2 Feet x 4 Feet) — Fur Rugs for Living Room and Fur Rugs for Bedroom — Faux Fur Throw Rug for Couch — Shag & Fluffy Rug

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We've been in the same position you are right now... looking at different Amazon pages trying to find that Faux Fur Rug that you'll LOVE!

You want it for your bedroom, living room, or even daughter's or son's room. For us, the living room.

But back then, we weren't so lucky. Here is what we dealt with when trying to find that Faux Fur Rug...

- The rug wasn't SOFT! We wanted our feet to feel like they were in heaven, but alas we got what we paid for...
- The rug was too THIN! Our floor might as well be cold, hard cement, and that rug wasn't thick enough to be comfortable at all. Might as well have been a throw...
- The rug didn't look like the PICTURE! It wasn't exactly what we looked for. It was smaller than we expected, and the color was completely off.

So we set out on a personal vendetta to bring to the world a Fur Rug that you and I could actually LOVE!

That vendetta took us on a journey across the Pacific into some factories in China, where pretty much everything in the world gets made. We tested our many different types of fabrics and furs to find that PERFECT and LOVABLE Fur Rug that we know you and I would LOVE.

The rug you see in this Amazon page is what we came up with.

Our rug is VERY SOFT to achieve the feeling of having you feet in HEAVEN. It's as BIG as you think it is so it can properly cover your bedside, front of your couch, and even as a luxurious throw for your sofa. And it's as THICK as you'd expect it to be, so no more feeling those cold floors!

And now we're ready to offer our LOVABLE Faux Fur Rug to you!


We want to see how much interest this Faux Fur Rug garners so we only have limited stock available. This limited stock will probably only last for the next couple of days...

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