Designs by Maria Inc. Nursery Decor Pictures (8x10) | Set of 6 (Unframed) Cute Baby Animal Photography Wall Prints for Boys & Girls Room

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Are you looking to escape the standard pink or blue nursery motif?

Choosing nursery colors and decor for your baby can be tricky. Not only they can influence mood and behavior but they also stimulate the brain and body and even affect your little one's health.

In general, warm colors elicit happiness and comfort, creating intimacy by making your room feel a little cozier. Bold shades of red, orange and yellow can stimulate the mind and have an energizing effect on the body.

If you don't have time to decorate before your baby is born, or you'd just rather keep their room in a neutral shade, you can add plenty of color in an instant with a selection of bright wall prints.

Make Your Child's First Bedroom A Memorable One With Woodland Animals Nursery Decor by DESIGNS BY MARIA INC.

Printed on solid card stock, these wonderful prints come unframed. They fit in any standard 8x10 frame! Kept in bright, neutral colors, they fit perfectly with any interior style. Whether simple, modern, classic or colorful - these animal prints look cute everywhere. FEATURING 6 ADORABLE ANIMALS

Still not convinced? Here are more reasons to love these artsy wild animal prints:
● Unique baby shower or new mom gift
● Compact size, fits in any bedroom
● Premium craftsmanship, sturdy photo stock
● Get your baby familiar with animals
● Perfect addition to your woodland nursery theme
● Easy to clean and to maintain without damaging the wall

Bring joy to your baby's room by adding Woodland Animals Nursery Décor set to your cart TODAY!

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