COALA HOLA Baby Head Shaping Pillow for Sleeping, Breathable 3D Air Mesh Infant Pillow for Flat Head Syndrome Prevention, Head & Neck Support for Newborn

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Size: Adjustable Head Shaping

Accompany your baby’s every dream

Every newborn baby is the sweetest gift for parents, and a good night sleep is vital for infant healthy growth. CoalaHola is to provide the most safe, healthy and comfortable newborn pillow for babies during the golden age of skull development between 0-12 months.

What makes CoalaHola Baby Pillow Unique:

Effectively Prevent Flat Head and promote a perfect round shape – 14 points positioning system, make sure the pressure is evenly distrbuted on the baby’s skull, 0.4 inch spinal protection buffer contours to baby’s delicate neck, greatly relieves pressure and promote healthy growth for proper head shape.

3D air circulation system – Air flows and circulates freely inside the pillow to provide excellent breathability, greatly reduces the suffocate risk and avoid overheat and sweating, makes baby sleeps longer and prevents baby catching a cold.

Soft and Comfortable – Adopts organic lyocell fiber to make it soft and smooth, integrates 7 layer of mesh fabric inner filling to provide excellent support and elasticity, precisely holds your baby’s head for a more revitalizing sleep.

Easy to clean & Quick drying – Baby pillow will eaily get dirty by slobber, milk stains and sweat, unlike other pillows, this infant pillow is made of washable material, it will not be hardened no matter by hand or machine wash. Also it is super quick to dry due to the 3D air mesh structure.

The happiest moment for parents is to watch their sweetheart sleeping beautifully beside them, and we feel that love. The principle of CoalaHola is to convert this love to high quality and high end maternal and infant product, emphasize on user experience, and salute every mom’s tender love to their baby.

What are you waiting for? Add this premium baby pillow to your cart, and let’s pass this deep love to babies in every corner of the world!

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