CleverHomes Baby Pillow Head Shaping and Neck Support Pillow for Newborn to 12 Months - Prevent Flat Head Syndrome - 3D Air Mesh Breathable Pillow with Organic Cotton Filling

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CleverHomes Baby Head Shaping and Neck Support Pillow

Made of soft and absorbent 100% cotton fabric on one side and 3D air mesh on the other side for better ventillation.

Filled with organic cotton, which is hypoallergenic and suitable even for sensitive skin.

The indentation prevents flat head syndrome, and the way it is positioned allows good neck support even as your baby grows.

Compact, portable size suitable for use in crib, bassinet, stroller, pram, car seat and for travel.

Easy care. Hand wash in warm water with detergent for delicate fabrics. Do not wring; press together with hands to squeeze out excess water, fluff to reshape and hang to air dry, preferably outdoors. Where hand wash is not possible, machine wash on gentle cycle.

Great as a baby shower gift. Gift tag enclosed.

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