bokemar Universal Crib Wedge Pillow for Baby Crib Mattress | Acid Reflux |Premium Baby Sleeping Wedge Pillow with Washable & Waterproof Cover,Foldable 12-Degree Incline

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Size: Crib Wedge Pillow L

Bokemar Bassinet Wedge Pillow improves baby's sleep,helps reduce spit-ups & reliefs congestion,which universal fits all US standard cribs and nursery beds.

Perfect for Your Comfy Baby!

Our wedge is universal for all standard cribs. For best results put the wedge on the head of your baby’s crib and cover the wedge with your favorite crib sheet. Our gripping base will keep the wedge in place. Next, position your little one so that the torso and head rest comfortably on the wedge while the rest of the baby’s body on the mattress.

 Doctor-Recommended 12-Degree Incline

12-degree incline gently elevates baby’s head and torso to help reduce acid reflux and spit-ups for a sound and better night’s sleep  Easy to Clean, Waterproof, 100% Cotton

Easy-to-clean waterproof cover safely protects the wedge and luxurious 100% cotton cover provides an extra layer of comfort 


Safely foldable to give you the versatility of a more compact fit for easier traveling and storage.

Baby Shower Gift Registry

Practical and beautiful gift-giving present. Gift wrapping is available.

Care Instructions:

Removable Outer Cotton Cover – Machine wash cold (air dry to prevent shrinkage)
Polyester fiber Inner-Lining Polyester Cover – Hand clean with warm water and soap

Installation Instructions:

Place the wedge at the head side of your baby’s bed/crib mattress. Cover both the wedge and mattress with a fitted sheet. The wedge can be placed underneath the bed/crib mattress.

All of our products are safe and Eco- Friendly! 100% free of BPA, We stay away from harsh chemicals at all costs. If you are unsatisfied with your pillow we will issue a full refund!

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