Baby Reversible Play Mat 78.7''x 59''x0.4'' Double-Sided Crawling Mat Foldable Waterproof Non-Toxic Portable Non-BPA Floor Mat for Toddlers, Infants, Kids

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Color: Fox Forest

Folding Play Mat

The folding play mat is an super easy-to-fold XPE foam mat that creates a safe place for your kid/baby to play.
The play activity enhances your baby’s muscles, coordination and balance ability.The lightweight design is perfect
for transforming any hard floor into a comfortable area for baby to crawl, sit, and play.

Creative and Colorful Patterns

This double-sided play mat is designed with colorful patterns such as green forest and birds, which help arouse your baby's curiosity. Give them a feeling of being surrounded by animals, natural plants.

Safe, Non Toxic, Non-Slip Surface

Gently textured material makes your baby’s play surface safer, helping to reduce slipping
and sliding. High density foam is 2/5-inch thick and soft to the touch for a cushion and comfort.
The foam is also highly durable yet lightweight. Our mats are non-of toxic phthalates to help
protect baby’s health and well-being.

Easy to Clean

XPE foam is water-resistant, making this mat easy to clean and maintain. Just wipe off any
water or spills, or for spots and stains, you can clean with water and mild detergent. The dense
material also helps to reduce noise–great for busy play areas and clanking, dropping toys! it is also
compact for storage.

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