Baby Nursing Pillow by CeFuMo – Breathable 3D Air Mesh Cotton Baby Head Shaping Pillow for Infants – Soft Neck Support to Help Prevent Reflux and Flathead

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Prevent Flathead In Newborns & Infants While Keeping Them Comfy With CeFuMo Flat Head Baby Pillow

Infants sleep a lot but keeping their head flat on a pillow can lead to a flat head which is why we designed CeFuMo head shaping pillow to help maintain the proper shape of your baby’s head while keeping your little bundle of joy comfy.

Each baby pillow for newborn prevent flat head is carefully handmade using organic cotton along with a 3D Cool Air net fabric to make sure it’s soft enough to provide your baby hours of comfort so they can sleep soundly no matter the season.

Let Your Baby Sleep Without Restraint & Stay Comfy

The specially designed shape helps reduce flathead and support your baby's head and neck while promoting healthy head movement to ensure your little bundle of joy can enjoy comfortable sleep.

This soft and breathable baby pillow is perfect for your baby’s bed and can also be used on a Car Seat and Stroller, Crib, Play Mat, Swing, Bouncy Chair and even when traveling to provide a comfortable and safe place to rest your baby’s head.

More Features You’ll Love:
- Both the pillow and padding can be easily washed in one piece
- The mold position is carefully placed to support both your baby’s head and neck
- Ventilated 3D mesh fabric on the back promote more breathability to prevents sweat build up
- Stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter allowing you to use it throughout the year
- Adjustable pillow height by simply pushing the lower part of pillow to both sides in a rubbing way
- Makes the first months of parenthood easier by making sure your baby sleeps soundly
- Lightweight and portable, allows you to take it with you anywhere you go

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