Baby Nest Designs Unisex Closet Dividers for Baby Clothes - 7X Baby Clothing Size Dividers from Newborn Infant to 24 Months – Grey Gender Neutral Baby Clothes Dividers and Nursery Closet Organizer

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Make Baby’s Closet A Work of Art With The ORIGINAL Hand-Drawn Baby Closet Dividers!

As the original creators of fun (and cute) circle dividers for baby clothes, we know you don’t really want to know about us. Because it doesn’t matter that we’ve organized over 500,000 infant hangers for 10,000 moms just like you. Or that our dividers are beautifully hand-drawn. Or even that we’re one of the only ones set of SEVEN dividers including NEWBORN…

… Because what truly matters is that they look and work the way you want.

Divider Hangers Hangers
Closet Dividers Dividers/Hangers Velvet Hangers
# Dividers 7 7 0
# Velvet Hangers 0 20 15
# Pant Clips 0 0 0
# Storage Boxes 0 0 0
# Hanging Organizer 0 0 0
Available For Girls
Available For Boys
Available In Unisex
Designs Available 7 7 2
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