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Intricate and beautiful laser cutout wooden sign. Personalized with baby's first and middle name so that it makes a perfect addition to your nursery.
HANGING INSTRUCTIONS: Hanging materials are not included. Hanging options include: hang off of nail on the wall, command strips: heavy-duty double-sided tape.

** Letters with dots (i, j, etc. WILL include the dots connected to the base of the letter).

≡≡≡≡ ADD-ON ≡≡≡≡
(1) Matching 3.5" x 3.5" ornament with twine for hanging CAN be included (as shown in the last photo. Ornament is shown with a 12" sign) for baby's first Christmas/Holiday.

1. Click on OPTIONS above the add to cart button.
2. Enter the first name. *Include the capitalization you want for the last name. Ex: "Alex" or "alex"
3. Enter middle OR last name
4. Choose a color.
5. Choose if you want to add a matching ornament
6. Add to cart.


Natural birch color, painted white, or painted black. The unpainted birch comes sanded and ready for paint if you decide to add your own color. Color options are for the front of the sign only. Our production method prevents the backs and sides to be painted.

≡≡≡≡ DETAILS ≡≡≡≡
Sign is made from 1/4" thick premium baltic birch plywood.

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