Baby Flat Head Shaping Pillow - Unique Design Pack with New-born Sleeping Pillow and Blanket - Made with Comfortable Organic Cotton Breathable Air Mesh Soft Neck Support Preventing Reflux and Flathead

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Newborn infants are fragile and sensitives, so they need care and comfort at the start of their lives.

Dinos Nest baby pillow pack has a blanket included both the pillow and blanket will be your baby's best sleep buddies.

The flat head baby pillow is designed to keep the infant's head, neck, and spine in the correct alignment.

This newborn baby pillow prevents the baby's head from undergoing a lot of pressure while laying down for nursing, on the play mat, in the car seat, or on the changing table as it is designed to redistribute the pressure to all sides of the head.

Product details:

Because of its portable size of only 7.87 x 11.41 inches, you can take it with you to places, such as traveling, in the car seat, in a stroller, in a bassinet and the like.

Pillow helps to prevent baby's flat head for ages 0-12 months.

Cute baby protective pillow with a bowl-shaped centre prevents a flathead in babies.

The slight elevation of the pillow helps reduce acid reflux and provides the comfort needed for baby's peaceful sleep.

The infant cushion is portable and travel-friendly.

This pillow is an effective infant sleep aid.

The baby cushion is easy to use and machine.

The flathead baby pillow helps treat the flat head condition in infants.

The newborn baby pillow is durable and lightweight.

The pillow is made of the best quality 100% breathable cotton fabric.

This super-soft pillow and blanket helps soothe your baby, giving your little one a sense of security.

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