Abstoria Baby Head Shaping Pillow for Newborns - Infant Flat Head Prevention Sleeping Pillow Neck Support Soft Breathable Air Mesh Organic Cotton Cushion Cover for Baby Boy Girl 0-12 Months

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Because babies spend so much time lying on their back, for example, they may develop a flat spot where their head presses against the mattress. The physical features, such as the head of the baby, are trying to get a proper shape during this period and the extra pressure on the flat surface of the crib can cause your baby to develop flat head syndrome.

Therefore, we carefully designed the baby pillow for flat head prevention to protect your newborn baby delicate head and spine growth during this crucial time of development and, as a new parent, you can rest assured that you’re doing a good job in taking care of your bundle of joy.

Crafted with premium materials suitable for use with babies, with high-quality foam and covered with pure cotton, the heart shaped pillow allows the head to be in a position where the baby can breathe comfortably to ensure a peaceful and restful nap. It makes sure that the head does not undergo a lot of pressure while laying down and redistributes the pressure evenly to all sides of the head.

Also, our baby pillow for flat head and reflux prevention allows the head of the newborn to be in a comfortable position, so that he\she can move it 180-degree easily and prevents the stiffness of the neck muscles thus allowing the baby to sleep comfortably.

The central hole of the pillow offers free flow of air and ventilation preventing moisture and heat from building up. Easy to use in any crib or stroller, very travel-friendly and convenient for the on-the-go parents, the baby pillow for flat head prevention is the ideal accessory for any child! 

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