6 Baby Nursery Clothing Closet Size Dividers White Unisex Fits 1.5" Rod (Ranged Months)

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Organize your nursery clothes with custom baby closet dividers to easily find the clothing you need. As a new parent you'll receive and buy a lot of baby clothes and it can be difficult to keep track of the sizes. With CLOSET DOODLES baby closet dividers you'll never overlook a piece of clothing only to find it's been out grown.

  • Made in Missouri by a small business.

Fits 5" circumference rods

*NEW* larger Inside Diameter - 1.625 inches. Outside diameter 3.5 inches. Fits closet rods up to 1.5 inch diameter or 5 inch circumference!

About Closet Doodles

Closet Doodles is part of the small business Digitaldoodlebug. It was founded in 2009 offering graphics and websites, then custom stickers 2 years later. New products are always being made and that's where Closet Doodles comes in. We had a custom sticker shape made just for these closet dividers to provide high quality and adorable designs. Everything is designed by owner Ashley, and nearly everything is printed right in Missouri, USA. We have 3 employees and love making baby shower gifts, party decor, and favors.

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